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About Joe Holiday

Born in 1956, Joe started his life playing banjo and telling jokes at the age of six as a guest star on the Roy Rodgers Dale Evans television variety show on NBC. From there he went on to do spots on other shows shows working with Edgar Bergen, Dennis Day, Art Linkletter, Eddie Peabody and then went on to fame and fortune doing radio and television commercials "I want my Maypo!".

Here is a newspaper picture of me playing with Eddie Peabody at Bombos 365 Club in Feb of 1963 when I was 7 years old. Mr. Peabody was one of the last of the living Vaudiville entertainers.

Joe with Eddie Peabody


About the Video

I think I was around 6 years old in this promo movie for a shot at network TV - Proves that banjos are dangerous and can be the gateway instrument that leads to other types of music like chinese opera and avant guard jazz


During his stint at Giannini Junior High school, he won an Epstien grant for classical piano - and picked up the bass during his time in junior high school and continued being a working musician, playing bass in the hotels and clubs around the bay area of San Francisco, and playing and recvording with musicians like Paul Horn and Eddie harris. He has been playing, recording and writing music ever since. After touring around the world and living in NYC, he has moved back to the bay area and now resides in Sonoma CA. where he enjoys taking care of dogs at his Doggie Bed and Breakfast.

short video of the dog park singers and dancers

Doggie Bed and Breakfast



My Blog

I try to discuss topics that musicians might find interesting, informative and helpful.

Hopefully not confusing.



Joe Plays More Banjo



Examples of Previous Recordings


Metropolis - from Paul Horns Album, The Traveler




Freedom Jazz Dance - Live with Eddie Harris (excerpt)

Freedom Jazz Dance



Etude 17 - from book of flute and clairent etudes I composed when I was 13

Etude 17



Untitled - piece composed at age 11 at Cazadero Music camp




Trio Ascending - Invitation (standard)

Joe Holiday bass - Marcia Miget woodwinds - Jameo Brown - percussion




Ram Ram - recording session age 24 using invented transcription techniques




Schnauzer - The Illusion of Movement - Don't Tell Her That I'm Gone

Joe Holiday bass, vocals, composer - Cherie Chooljian keyboards - John Hak,nes percussion - Jeff Massanari guitar - Lorn Leber guitar

Don't Tell Her That I'm Gone



Arguments of Golden Tongues - recording session - wrote for two different bands to play at athe same time Colette Burre poet




Quartet Ascending - Piano Folk Song

Joe Holiday bass, composer - Jonathan Alford piano - Louie Romero timbale - Ray Martinez conga

Piano Folk Song



Surrender - from Azabache

Joe Holiday bass, composer - Cherie Chooljian vocal




Schnauzer - The Illusion of Movement - Bosco Pays the Rent

Joe Holiday bass, vocals, composer - Cherie Chooljian keyboards - John Hak,nes percussion - Jeff Massanari guitar - Lorn Leber guitar




Joe Holiday Bass - Scott Morris Drums rest in peace Scott - Paul Mousavi Guitar - pickup gig some years ago in San Francisco - we had never played together before - Video was compressed and have lost the original footage. Medley, Schwabinlander